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User Experience & Strategy

User Experience & Strategy

Let's PayPal!

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Project Story

SugarTrends is a digital marketplace startup based in Cologne, Germany. In 2016, they wanted to enter the U.S. market but faced issues with the high "international shipping" rates. After partnering with PayPal, they were able to offer US-based customers "free international return shipping". 


My role as a UX Designer here was to design PayPal's checkout flow that can be quickly implemented as the holiday season quickly approached!


Feature Integration

User Experience Designer


3 months




Business Objective

Incentivize Shoppers from the U.S.

Research & Ideation

I began the process by looking at how PayPal's existing partners promote their PayPal feature. What I found was many sites would promote their PayPal partnership on their homepage to incentivize customers to shop with them. From there I took our business model into considerations and made a few sketches and wireframes that will be able to integrate with our existing page. 


Because we need to quickly deploy the feature, I had regular meeting with our dev team in Ukraine to figure out what would be the quickest way to implement the PayPal feature. 

— initial concept sketch —

A/B Testing

We did some quick A/B testing through Optimizely to see if different PayPal banners in the homepage would make a difference. After one-week of testing, we saw no significant difference in terms of the design. 

— banner A —

— banner B —

Product Page Redesign & User Flow

While we were testing the landing page banner, I also had to design the user flow for customers who chose to use PayPal as a checkout method. The challenge during this time was our product page. We had an overflow of information during that time, so I had to first redesign the product page to make sure we have a good placement for the PayPal express checkout button. 

— examples of product page wireframes —

— user flow —

— user flow —

Current Status

With all the team effort, we were able to have the feature ready for the holiday season. The site is live now with PayPal checkout fully integrated. The product page is also updated. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do much testing on the flow; therefore, there still a lot can be improved on. If I'm working for SugarTrends again, I will make sure to test out the flow and streamline the process more.


Below is the Invision Prototype where you could see the screens in a closer look! 

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